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What do you think?

  • Leave time to sleep/relax!
  • Sometimes I project my own frustrations/anger with injustice on to other people. This will not encourage them to join the fight.
  • Time / space devoted to healing
  • Narcissistic issue! in our society! (I agree! Me Me too)
  • Emotions
  • Distance from injustice (physical, emotional, psychological). Feeling like you don’t “really” know what “others” are going through, therefore uncertain of how to help.
    (but are we really “distant” from injustice?)
  • Don’t assume someone needs your help. Most people just want to be listened to.
  • You cannot help everyone
  • What is it that unite us?
  • Value the successes as much as you criticize the failures. It’s the happy stories which maintain our hope and overcome inertia.
  • Celebrate achievements and victories, boast! (or, boost!)

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