Marginalization and Intersectionality

April 29th, 2012 by o4j user Leave a reply »

How dominant systems of oppression are reproducing themselves within our movements; who is absent or excluded from our groups/events? How do we change this?

  • Educated people dominate, white anglos dominate: economically, culturally, but they are a minority (a small one)
  • Organize community participation to help change gov’t policy for improvements
  • Fighting the activist “clique”
  • People more comfortable with “respectful conflict”; willing to socialize, work with and discuss issues with people they may have disagreement with
  • Dominant oppressive forces can create this problem, counter-act them by showing solutions and balance should occur
  • Sometimes all someone needs to feel included is a “hello”. If you notice someone new or looking awkward, don’t look down or away, say hello: acknowledge them.
  • Marginalized groups need access to the resources (information, space etc) that the privileged groups have – share the “wealth”

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