Linking issues / Uniting efforts

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Organizing in isolation:  why aren’t people/groups working together?

  • We need to recognize our commonalities
  • Sometimes we try and are successful (yes!)
  • Not aware of other groups working on the same issues, what each is doing: too little communication
  • Time
  • Our economic structure is based on individualism
  • Limits to memory, size of effective social groups, multitasking, and attention on things which aren’t directly affecting our lives regularly
  • Having better systems of knowledge sharing & more collective social justice activist events can help to educate each other on different but interrelated issues
  • We are colonized / brainwashed to stay within the “rules” of the system
  • I like to take credit for my hard work. Sometimes this makes it hard to share.
  • Alienation due to oppressions in other groups
  • Communicate, share common concerns
  • Lack of information
  • Not knowing good ways for groups to be able to come together strongly for a time, where people’s rights can be respected
  • Different language / culture
  • Trust
  • How to understand the different struggles
  • “How to get over yourself”
  • Weighing of different tactics
  • Balance meeting your needs (personal)
  • Challenge of lack of resources
  • Marginalization
  • Reactionary & Proaction
  • Different angles of issues
  • Expression / defining intersectionality
  • Food + Fun = social aspect
  • Information and the media’s representation of the issues
  • Commitment + Follow up + Responsibility
  • Over commitment
  • Building cohesiveness and community
  • Sectarianism
  • Respect diversity of thoughts
  • How do we meet personal needs to help people contribute to social change

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