“Activism ghetto”

April 29th, 2012 by o4j user Leave a reply »

Getting our message out to the mainstream; to what extent are people beyond the activist community aware of the issues?;  why are more people not involved?

  • People may not be involved because of responsibilities (family, jobs, school…) NO TIME!!!
  • Lack of interest, not feel need
  • Getting info to people in an accessible way, reaching out, what do
    folks care about?
  • Can use mainstream methods, free websites, newspaper/radio ads, postering (in stores, apt buildings, in other place including the street), let our non-activist friends know via different methods / also through personal sharing
  • People may be unaware of how they can contribute
  • Explain why it is important to be active, what can be achieved
  • Accessible language, being aware of “activist” & “academic” speak
  • People don’t see issues as being relevant to their lives
  • Need more action: be the change
  • Why do so many of us accept the notion that our culture, including our political culture, can have its agenda and its parameters dictated by corporate agenda (or corporate media agendas). Why do we not insist on a democratic media?
  • What media do “they” control? More reliance on media controlled by its own community, fairly
  • Share/send your story/activity with varied community newsletters, or get togethers
  • Work on making activism “fun” & incorporate things we need to do on a practical basis

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