PROMdemonium Fund – deadline March 14

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PROMdemonium Fund 2011

PROMdemonium is in its fourth year! This year’s event will be held April 9 at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Not only is it a night of fun and community celebration, PROMdemonium is a fundraiser for local, community initiatives and creative resistance. We’re calling out now for applications to the PROMdemonium Fund. The deadline to submit applications is March 14, 2011.


The PROMdemonium Fund is open to individuals, groups and organizations that challenge the current unjust economic and social systems and work towards social, economic or environmental justice. The Fund offers funding to projects that are often unable to obtain mainstream sources of funding. Our support is directed towards initiatives achieved through advocacy, political action, artistic expression, community organization and other creative actions.

Who can apply?

The aim is to support local grassroots initiatives that meet the Fund’s objective and focus on

a) direct action and/or

b) community-building and/or

c) artistic expression

The Fund is available to individuals, groups or organizations in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. We welcome new initiatives and renewing projects that require additional funding.  Please note that organizations that have charitable status are not eligible.

How is the funding allocated?

The amount of the Fund depends on how much is raised from PROMdemonium. We expect the Fund budget this year to range from $3000-$4000. Individual project grants can range from $100-$2000 depending on the scale of the project.

Please note: The funding cannot go towards overhead (staff costs, rent, utility bills, computers, etc.)

How to Apply:

Send us an email including the information listed below. Or send in a video or audio recording of yourself answering the questions below (feel free to show examples of your work.) We welcome applications in English or French.

∗ Title of initiative

∗ Summary: Describe what you plan to do, what you hope to accomplish and how you plan to accomplish this. How will this project benefit people and communities who live in Ottawa/Gatineau?

∗ Amount requested from the Fund: Please provide a general estimate and how the Fund funding will fit into the overall project budget.

∗ Other sources of funding: Please inform us of any other sources of funding, if any, that you have secured for the project.  What are sources of funding have you received or are attempting to secure?

∗ Description of yourself/your organization: Please describe what you/your group is all about.

∗ Contact information: Give us a way to contact you.

Initiative bio:  Please provide a short description (150 words max.) of the organization and/or initiative that will be included on the PROMdemonium website (with your permission) to announce the recipients of this year’s PROM fund.  Feel free to include a web address and/or contact information.

Selection Criteria:

How will applicants be evaluated? The PROM Fund is overseen by the PROMdemonium Committee. Funds are limited and shared between multiple community-based projects. The PROMdemonium Committee looks at the following criteria:
* How would this initiative benefit the communities and people of Ottawa/Gatineau?
* Is it creative and unique?
* Does it fit with PROM values (i.e., respect for the environment, social justice, creativity, etc)?
* How complete is the plan for making the activity happen?
* Will this initiative have trouble getting funding from other sources, if necessary?
All applications will be kept confidential.

Deadline: March 14, 2011

Questions and applications can be directed to: or 613.263.1335. If you are emailing, please put PROM Fund in subject line.

All applications received by the deadline will be acknowledged using the contact information provided.

We anticipate being able to announce the successful applicants ahead of PROM and, with the applicant’s permission, will post the successful name of the initiative and a brief summary of the project on the Prom website.  We also plan on announcing the recipients the night of Prom and there will be an opportunity for recipients to have a table to share information about their initiative.

For more information about PROMdemonium, check out the website:


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