Sat Oct 17, 2:30pm workshops

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at 440 Albert St, just east of Bronson – the old Ottawa Technical High School

2:30pm Workshops:


Building an Anarchist Organization

An introduction to what anarchism means, both in terms of principles and in terms of organization. What kind of vision do we have for an anarchist organization, what role does it play in greater social movements, how do we organize such an organization?

  • Presented by David Brons, a long-time anarchist activist and a  founding member of the Ottawa branch of Common Cause, the provincial anarchist organization.;


Successful Online Campaigns and Internet Communication

A workshop to outline some of the tools and options that activists can use to get their message out.  The focus will be on looking at approaches to influence decision makers and raising awareness using social networking tools.  Will touch on Twitter based tools as well as more traditional means to move people up the ladder of engagement.  Having set up, extended and developed several open source advocacy tools we will review ideas about when you want to develop a solution yourself and when you want to use a 3rd party solution.
Facilitated by:

  • Mike Gifford has been very active in building online campaigns for progressive organizations and politicians in both Canada and the United States for the last decade.  Before starting OpenConcept, Mike had worked for a number of national NGOs including Oxfam Canada and Friends of the Earth.;;


Labour Solidarity and Resistance (panel)


  • Chris Ramsaroop, Justicia for Migrant Workers:
  • Carlo Fanelli has been a part-time employee with the City of Toronto for the past 10-years and is currently a PhD candidate at Carleton University. He will speak on Toronto’s striking civic workers and the neoliberal assault on public services, exploring the 39-day civic strike by CUPE Locals 79 & 416, as well as emphasize the successes and failures of organized labour and social justice movements more broadly in Toronto.
  • Sarah Ryan is studying precarious work at Carleton’s Institute of Political Economy. She is on leave from the Canadian Union or Postal Workers where she works as a Communications Specialist. Sje will talk about increasing employment legislation protections for everyone; making union organizing easier under the law; working together as a movement and with other movements to organize workers, especially in forms of precarious work; and supporting workers centres to help unorganized workers.


Indigenous Peoples and the Law (panel)


  • Beverly J. Pyke, Akwesasne Peoples Fire: retired teacher of special needs in a high school setting, grandmother, eldest of 12 siblings and concerned about the next 7 generations and the problems that they will have. Non-violence is the answer in resolving issues. She will speak on the current situation in Akwesasne with the CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency), issues of harassment and issues with CBSA having been on the territory, is Akwesasne part of Canada? 613-937-1813;;
  • John Caleb Moore, a First Nations person from Serpent River First Nation (in between Sudbury and Sault Ste Marie) currently living in Sudbury, who has been fighting for justice for nearly 23 years against racism in the Canadian court system. He will be speaking about institutional racism in Canada in our Canadian justice system, using his own case and others: R. vs. Moore; R vs. Donald Marshall; R vs. Welson Nepoose; Residential schools as one big case of racism. 705-673-9576 or 705-207-1476;; &
  • Romola Trebilcock, Circle of All Nations: over 25 years work experience in the federal criminal justice system, including in Aboriginal justice; volunteer coordinator of Elder William Commanda’s Circle of All Nations. Will speak on ‘No Word for Justice’ – an exploration of Aboriginal justice and its relevance to modern society.;

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