Sat Oct 17, 12:30pm workshops

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at 440 Albert St, just east of Bronson – the old Ottawa Technical High School

12:30pm Workshops:


Housing and Anti-Poverty Organizing (panel)


  • Andrew Nellis has been a street-level activist and organizer for more than 20 years in Ottawa.  He is currently spokesperson and organizer for the Ottawa Panhandlers’ Union and its protective arm, the Ottawa Copwatch program. 613-748-0460;
  • Dan Sawyer was involved with the Seven-Year Squat and currently works at OPIRG-Carleton. 613-520-2757;
  • Nadia Willard is a retired health care worker who loves politics, believes in egalitarian principals and lives her life practicing social democratic value and beliefs. She has been a union activist with CUPE on the local, provincial and national levels, as well as working on various community projects. She is an active member of Ottawa ACORN and at present is working towards having City Council adopt a living wage of $13.50 per hour for workers who work for contractors that have been awarded contracts by the city of Ottawa. 613-746-5999;;
  • Terrie Meehan


Resistance to the Coup in Honduras

Since the military coup on June 28th, Honduras became an outcast state; repression and Human Rights violations are being lived daily.  The oligarchy, the Supreme Court, the Congress, powerful transnationals and the Honduran militaries turn deaf ear to popular resistance and unanimous international diplomatic condemnation of the coup.

  • François Guindon lives in Guatemala since 2007.  He’s been collaborating with Rights Action ( since 2008 and does accompaniment work with communities and organisations that, despite persecution and criminalization of their struggle, resist the devastating gold mining exploitation of Goldcorp in Guatemala and Honduras. >> Click for articles he’s written on the situation in Honduras: Sept 15 #1; Sept 15 #2; Sept 21


Healthy Activism / Preventing Burnout

This workshop will give participants an opportunity to reflect on the causes of burnout and share pragmatic ways to avoid burnout, improve our personal health and the way our organizations function.

  • Jane Stinson, President, Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW) Jane Stinson has lived in Centretown Ottawa for over 30 years where she’s worked for the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), played and tried to contribute to making Ottawa a good community to live in.  She has researched and published extensively on issues about equality for workers, women and other equity seeking groups.
  • Ramsey Hart, MiningWatch Canada Ramsey has worked on a variety of environmental and social causes over the last 20 years with particular emphasis on Latin American and Aboriginal solidarity. Fixing bikes and gardening are also favourite forms of activism.


Queer Struggles and the Economic Crisis (panel)


  • Nadijah Robinson from Agitate! Ottawa, a queer, Ottawa-based organization for indigenous women, mixed race women and women of colour. Agitate’s aim is to provide queer visibility within racialized and ethnic communities; outreach; social programming; education; transnational and anti-colonial perspectives; and anti-racist activism. The organization was borne out of recognition of the intersecting nature of the oppressions and experiences we face as women, as queer persons and as indigenous persons and persons of colour. In addition to fighting oppression, Agitate members aim to provide a gathering space in which we can share our diverse realities in the spirit of celebration.
  • Jeremy Dias from Jer’s Vision. Jer’s Vision: Canada’s Youth Diversity Initiative is Canada’s national organization to support and encourage the work of youth to address discrimination in their schools and communities. Through art, community, education, and youth initiatives and partnerships with a variety of established national and community organizations, we provide youth with the tools and the resources to promote diversity and end discrimination of all kinds. 613-562-5800 x6486;;
  • Percy Lezard from 2 Spirited People of the 1st Nations, an AIDS Service Organization (ASO) that supports Aboriginal, Metis & Inuit Community members living off reserve either affected or effected by HIV/AIDS. This agencies origins was a call in the late 1980’s early 1990’s rise of infection amongst the 2 spirit men population and their subsequent experiences of racism and discrimination of their cultural background at the early ASO’s in the GTA. We are a small agency of 3 full time staff and one part-time staff, and we are the only agency of its kind in Canada yet along North America. The HIV/AIDS Educator Percy Lezard will be speaking on the agencies behalf. 416-944-9300;
  • Gary Kinsman, a longtime queer liberation and anti-capitalist activist. He is the author of the Regulation of Desire: Homo and Hetero Sexualities, co-editor of Whose National Security? and Sociology for Changing the Wor4ld and co-author of the forthcoming The Canadian War on Queers: National Security as Sexual Regulation.

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