Sat Oct 17, 10:30am workshops details

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at 440 Albert St, just east of Bronson – the old Ottawa Technical High School

10:30am Workshops:


Diversity, Equity and Anti-Oppression

This session is designed for people who would like to know more about these issues in terms of activism and organizing practice. Will look at diversity – what do we mean by diversity, why do we want it, and what does a successfully diverse group/organization look like. What ways of thinking do we want to encourage, and what ways are problematic and need to be addressed, in terms of issues of oppression, equity and marginalization vs inclusion. Also what are specific practices that encourage an equitable, anti-oppressive working/organizing environment? How do we create the time, focus and priority to ensure we adequately and successfully address these issues?

  • Facilitated by Reem Girgrah & Concillia Muonde of the Sexual Assault Support Centre. Concillia Muonde is an anti-violence against women activist, a collective member, and public education coordinator for the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa (SASC).  Through the local media, she strongly speaks against violence against women in Ottawa.  Concillia advocates for women’s equality and is committed to ending violence against women.  Consistent with SASC’s philosophy, she constantly questions power hierarchies and their influence on the oppression of all women.  Concillia brings the perspective of a refugee woman and a woman of colour to all her activism and direct practice.  Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa:  24 Hour Support Line 613-234-2266; Office: 613-725-2160;;


Coalition and Movement Building

How can we build a larger and more cohesive movement with various groups and organizations working together strategically? Participants will workshop in small groups with the facilitators and then come together in an open discussion to share ideas, plans and important considerations for what we can do in the Ottawa/Outaouais region towards this vision.
Facilitated by:

  • Beenash Jafri was one of the founding members of the Anti-Racist Environmental Coalition (AREC) and continues to write and present on environmental justice issues. She’s currently a PhD candidate in women’s studies at York University, Toronto. Beenash will draw upon antiracist feminist perspectives to discuss multi-racial coalition work.
  • Celeste Cote, National Water Campaigner with Sierra Club of Canada
  • Marion Pollack – union activist with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers will emphasize and enlighten on the importance of working with the labour movement


Measuring Sustainability – Is there room in the middle?

Sustainable development is being measured in a number of different ways: the good, the bad, and the ugly.  If we measure what we value, it is important to note that there are ways to measure development that reflects the values of strong social organization and ecological integrity.  There may be ways for community based efforts to feed into and make use of the work done internationally to bring these values into political focus.
Facilitated by:

  • Kim Scott comes from a health research, community development background though her recent pursuits are aimed at enhancing individual and community sustainability.  She believes that life is given by language and that we all have the opportunity to say something new about how we consume resources from and co-habitate with the planet.

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