Tablers on Sat Oct 17

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Here is a list of the groups and vendors we have confirmed for tabling at the Book/Info-fair on Sat Oct 17 from 10:00am-6:00pm at 440 Albert St. (the old Ottawa Technical High School)

There are still tables open: please fill out and return the tabling registration form if you are interested


  • The EXILE Infoshop is a collectively-run, volunteer worker-owned and -operated project organized around the anarchist principles of anti-oppression, equality, community-building, and worker control. We believe in egalitarianism, cooperation and a collective struggle against abuses of power. 256 Bank St. Second Floor; 613-237-9270;;;
  • Sankofa Bookstore: One must return to the past in order to move forward, through this journey we’ll all receive balance.  Sankofa Bookstore’s mission is to add the missing link; that of the Nubia / Kemetic / Ethiopian / Kushite / Afrikan story to all cultures.   Sankofa provides a mobile bookstore, bi-weekly video lectures, motivational speakers, and an on-site bookstore located at 430 Rideau St.; 613-667-9161;
  • Upping the Anti is a radical journal of theory and action which provides a space to address and discuss unresolved questions and dynamics within the anti-capitalist, anti-oppression, and anti-imperialist politics of today’s radical left in Canada.;

Local groups

  • Ottawa ACORN: ACORN Canada (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – Canada) is a grassroots organization, founded in 2004, with over 25,000 members (over 5000 in Ottawa). Our central purpose is to effectively represent and champion the interests of Canada’s low- and moderate-income urban citizens on the critical issues of social democracy and economic justice. 613-746-5999;;; 81 Montreal Rd, Unit F, Ottawa Ontario, K1L 6E8
  • Common Cause Ottawa: the local branch of Common Cause, the provincial class struggle anarchist organization – founded in 2007, now with branches in four Ontario cities: Hamilton, London, Toronto, and Ottawa.;
  • Ecology Ottawa: Ecology Ottawa is working to make Ottawa the green capital of Canada.  We connect residents to their local environment and foster environmental leadership amongst individuals, communities and at city hall. 613-860-5353;;; PO Box 52002, 298 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa Ontario, K1N 7E0
  • IPSMO (Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement Ottawa): A grassroots organization that directly supports indigenous peoples in diverse struggles for justice.  We also work within communities to challenge the lies and half-truths about indigenous peoples and colonization that dominate Canadian society. The organization is open to both indigenous and non-indigenous people, and focuses on local and regional campaigns.;; c/o OPIRG-Carleton, 326 UniCentre Building, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa Ontario, K1S 5B6
  • OPIRG-Carleton: The Ontario Public Interest Research Group-Carleton is a non-profit student-funded group whose mandate is research, education, and action on social and environmental justice issues.  We operate by anti-oppressive principles and consensus decision-making.  We are committed to radical social transformation. 613-520-275;;; 326 Unicentre, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Dr.
  • OPIRG/GRIPO-Ottawa: The Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) – Ottawa’s mission is to bring together and build upon a broad-based community dedicated to social, economic and environmental justice. OPIRG–Ottawa is concerned with the contribution that students, the university and the community can make towards social change. 613-230-3076;;; 631 King Edward Ave. (3rd floor), Ottawa Ontario, K1N 7N8
  • Ottawa-Outaouais Industrial Workers of the World: The IWW is a union for all workers, a union dedicated to organizing on the job, in our industries and in our communities both to win better conditions  today and to build a world without bosses, a world in which production and distribution are organized by workers ourselves to meet the needs of the entire population, not merely a handful of exploiters.;; PO Box 52003, 298 Dalhousie St. Ottawa Ontario, K1N 1S0
  • The Sexual Assault Support Centre is a grassroots feminist organization which provides support to women survivors of sexual violence, and is committed to ending all forms of violence against women and children. We view sexual violence within the larger context of all forms of oppression, power, control and domination.  Our services include a 24 hour support line, individual support, group support; advocacy; accompaniment; and public education.
    Support Line 613-234-2266; Office 613-725-2160 ext 222;
  • Umi Cafe / Sonando Sofia Co-operative Inc. Umi Cafe is a warm and welcoming co-operatively run, fair trade specialty coffeehouse in Ottawa’s Centertown area. Since June 2008 it has served quality food, fair trade teas and coffees roasted locally and imported directly from the producers’ cooperatives in the South, and has been gradually building up its reputation as a unique, community-oriented business. The Co-operative, Sonando Sofia Co-op Inc, manages and governs Umi Café. It is a democratic, community-owned and worker-controlled enterprise working for the constant improvement of the well-being of all individuals involved and a fair and local redistribution of its economic benefits. 613-656-1638; 610 Somerset St West;