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VIDEO: Lost in Colonization

May 28th, 2012

Lost in Colonization: Al kaffiyeh l’3arabiyeh, The Israeli Keffiyeh, The Hippest of the Hipsters and The Politicized Queer.

Presented at the November 2010 Organizing For Justice

Directed workshop with visual art, video, and discussion.

This workshop aims to address the recent ‘kuffiyah’ fashion trend, especially among queer or activist circles. It raises the issue of how this scarf has been rid of its political significance by the clothing industry and the Israeli government, and facilitates education about the kuffiyah and its history as well as the broader goal of reflecting on solidarity and elaborating strategies to be better ‘allies’.

Presenter: Ghaida Moussa, Masters Student at the University of Ottawa (thesis on the resistance of Palestinian Queer Womyn) and active member of Agitate! Queer People of Colour

Video in four parts: