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Looking for Workshop Proposals! ~ La Recherche de Suggestions d’Ateliers

October 3rd, 2010

~~ Note: Deadline extended to end of Sunday, October 17th. ~~

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ORGANIZING FOR JUSTICE  ((( O4F )))  is looking for workshop proposals!

We are holding our 4th conference/gathering this November (tentatively set for a keynote/feature presentation/workshop Thurs Nov 11 or Fri Nov 12 and full-day of workshops on Sat Nov 13). Note: You can find information on our past gatherings, and more about us, at

The O4J gathering is about the themes of social, economic, and environmental justice and healthy communities. A ‘workshop’ session can be a workshop, a presentation, a panel discussion, or an open discussion, or any other format you propose.

The focus of sessions should be on the two O4J gathering purposes:
1) To further/develop an understanding/analysis of strategy/tactics and vision in our efforts for change
2) To assist people in learning skills and tools that can be used in these efforts

The O4J gathering is not focused on having sessions that merely educate people on a certain issue, although some discussion of the issue may be relevant when discussing the types of approaches people (may) take or have taken on that issue.

We are soliciting proposals for sessions to be held on the full-day part of our schedule (Sat Nov 13, unconfirmed). These can be offered in English, French or bilingual.

All session that can be accommodated by our allotted space and time will be accepted. Any needed selection will be made on the basis of matching the above noted O4J gathering purposes and to avoid duplication. Suggestions for combining proposals may be made.

If you are interested in offering to lead/organize or take part in a session, please contact us with the following information (email or call 613-656-5498, with proposals and/or questions)

* Title of session:
* Format of session:
* Short description:
* Purpose of session / intended outcomes:
* Facilitator/presenter/panellist(s):
* Qualifications/background of facilitator/presenter/panellist(s):
* Any proposed expenses (transportation, supplies, etc):

Please submit proposals as soon as possible, and no later than (new)  Sun Oct 17

Thank you – on behalf of the planning committee for O4J ~ ~ 613-656-5498


ORGANISONS-NOUS POUR LA JUSTICE est à la recherche de suggestions d’ateliers!

Nous comptons tenir notre quatrième conférence au mois de novembre (nous espérons avoir un atelier/présentation jeudi le 11 ou vendredi le 12 novembre, ainsi qu’une journée longue d’ateliers samedi le 13 novembre). Notez: Vous pouvez vous informer au sujet de notre organisation, ainsi que nos conférences précédentes à

Notre conférence se concentra autours des thèmes de justice sociale, environnementale, et économique, ainsi que la création d’une communauté saine et soutenable. Un ‘atelier’ peu être un atelier, une présentation, une discussion, ou n’importe quel autre format que vous proposez.

Un atelier devrais poursuivre un des buts suivant d’organisons-nous pour la justice:
1) De développer nos connaissances/analyser nos stratégies, nos tactiques et notre vision par rapport à notre lutte pour le changement.
2) D’assister les gens à augmenter leurs connaissances et à apprendre de nouveaux outils qui nous aiderons dans nos efforts.

Nous n’avons pas comme but principal d’avoir des ateliers qui ont uniquement comme but d’éduquer les gens sur un sujet en particulier, mais nous reconnaissons qu’un peu de discussion sur le sujet est essentiel pour pouvoir discuter les divers façons que nous pouvons (ainsi que d’autres gens avant nous on pu) approcher le sujet.

Nous recherchons des suggestions pour la journée longue qui prendra place samedi le 13 novembre (date non-confirmée). L’atelier peu se tenir en anglais, en français, ou peu être bilingue.

Tous ateliers pour lesquels nous avons assez d’espace et de temps seront acceptés. Si une sélection deviens nécessaire, nous baserons celle-ci en considérant si les buts d’organisons-nous pour la justice notez ci-haut sont suivis ou pour éviter d’avoir plus d’un atelier sur le même sujet.

Si vous êtes intéresser a donner/organiser ou participer a un atelier, svp contacter-nous et laissez-nous savoir l’information suivante (envoyez un courriel ou appelez nous 613-656-5498)

*Titre de l’atelier
*Format de l’atelier
*Courte description
*Point de l’atelier/orateur/…
*Qualifications/expérience de la personne nommée
*Couts (transportation, matériaux, etc.)

SVP nous laisser savoir vos suggestions aussitôt que possible ainsi que pas plus tard que (nouveau) dimanche le 17 octobre.

Merci de la part du comité de planification d’organisons-nous pour la justice ~ ~ 613-656-5498

Request for $$ contributions

October 3rd, 2010

Dear Friend

We would like to take a moment of your time to introduce you to Organizing For Justice, and ask you to consider contributing and/or participating in this initiative.

Organizing for Justice (Org4Justice) is a grassroots collective and collaborative community-based effort in the Ottawa/Outaouais region aimed at creating an activist community of groups, organizers, activists and revolutionaries. Our goal is to unite and create a free space for all to share knowledge, skills, experience; to educate and to learn in the realms of social, economic and environmental justice and healthy sustainable community building.

In the past two years our small collective has successfully organized and carried out three multi-day events featuring various capacity-building sessions for activists from a wide variety of issues , ideologies and backgrounds. The sessions included workshops, speakers, participatory activities, skill shares, cultural performances and table displays.  They have increased capacity for mutual aid, solidarity, and more direct forms of democracy and grassroots organizing in the region. Between 100-200 people have attended each time.

Afterwards, participants speak of the value of coming together in such a space that facilitates such learning, sharing, community building/collaboration, and meeting others with aligned values and committment to action.

We are only able to carry out these initiatives because of the free labour of many people, and contributions from different organizations, both financial and in-kind. In general, an event costs between $2000-3000 in cash, and although some money comes from voluntary donations from attendees (the events are free/pay-what-you-want), this is not a major source of revenue.

We are planning our next event (an evening keynote event followed by full day of various sessions) in mid November, and we need your help to make it possible.  Please consider a small donation to help us build the movement for social, economic and environmental justice in this region.

You can send contributions, via cheque payable to “Organizing For Justice”, to the address listed at the bottom of this letter.

We, the planning committee of Org4Justice, are a group of volunteers: there are representatives of the four main organizational sponsors (Common Cause Ottawa, the Socialist Project, OPIRG-Carleton, and OPIRG/GRIPO-Ottawa), as well other individuals, mostly people already involved in various other initiatives in the region.

From all of us, we ask that you consider contributing financially (either as an individual or an organization), and we’d also like to stress that we would love for you to participate in our upcoming event in November (details coming soon).

Organizing For Justice planning committee

613-656-5498 –

Mailing address:
Organizing For Justice
c/o OPIRG/GRIPO-Ottawa
631 King Edward Ave, 3rd floor
Ottawa, ON  K1N 7N8