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Welcome and thanks!

December 23rd, 2009

Welcome to the Organizing For Justice website, and thanks to all who participated in the conference in October and made it such a success.

We’re currently working on next steps for this initiative – feel free to sign up to our email announcement listserv, at or just email us and we’ll add you.

We had a debrief meeting after the conference, here are the minutes (note: we are planning a next meeting for mid-to-late-January, to work on what comes next):


– comment on process of selecting speakers/facilitators: maybe need more of a ‘vetting’ process?
– also need to focus discussions/speakers more, integrating with purpose/goals of conference and what we’re trying to accomplish
– could survey people coming more: looking at where they’re coming from, what involved in, what looking to get out of it
– housing and anti-poverty panel: good, b/c had people who are organizing on the ground, look at facilitating conversations about how they can work together
– also need for looking at bigger picture: at systems, processes that are creating problems, looking at root causes
– problem of using non-disposable dishes (lots of work for some people, not necessarily same people who really wanted no garbage): look into compostable plates etc plus garbage bags
– negative of dividing languages: do we really need to segregate? are we acknowledging that some people are bilingual? maybe can bi-locate conference to cover both ottawa and gatineau and make both bilingual events? but still people can travel across the bridge anyways
– experiences from other similar events: opening ceremony acknowleding indigenous land, having drumming; integrating performers into intermissions instead of seperate event; closing ceremony circle dance gets everyone involved in closing


– blend of experience, perspectives, involvement
– dialogue between academicia and activism?
– paying attention to what is being talked about, and who is doing talking
– facilitating involvement, providing tools
– political mapping (something like a directoy of activist groups/organizations for people to use, either find one or make one)
– help to get people/groups being able to work together:
.. activist/political groups
.. people interested but not involved
.. academics doing analysis
– measure success by:
.. participants learned something?
.. having some practical/useful/tangible result?
.. continuing space to stay in contact (individ. participants stay in contact)
– aspects:
.. relations
.. information
.. involvement
– dialogue: what comes out of conference?
.. session notes? unresolved questions? promoting community (events etc)?
– issue based vs organizing based (what’s being done / how / what needs doing / what could be done)